Amplify is a joint venture between Projeto Maior an IT company based in São Paulo, Brazil and a group of entrepreneurs based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 2017, Amplify is working to help US based business to access a dependable network of IT Development Professionals a critical asset for growth nowadays.

Core Values

Be a Reliable Partner
Promote Transparency and Trust
Provide Social Good

Projeto Maior

Founded in 2003, in São Paulo, Brazil, Projeto Maior has earned resounding success in a dynamic and highly competitive market. The company’s headquarters, centrally located in the heart of the city, provides a range of work spaces which allow project teams to collaborate on site to deliver client solutions.
Projeto Major’s strength is in its broad and deep network of more than 3,000 mid-level and expert-level IT resources, many of whom have experience working together. By tapping into this “liquid workforce,” the company is able to offer clients truly customized solutions and teams rather than the cookie-cutter solutions that are too often the norm in the industry.

Projeto Major is proud to have long-term partnerships with a variety of high-caliber clients including:

Universo Online, Brazil’s largest web portal sodales.service its.

Pag Seguro, one of Brazil’s three leading payment gateways

Ericsson Brazil, Ericsson’s largest Latin American market

Media Works, serving the world’s best-known fast-food brands

Porto Seguro, Brazil’s largest insurance company

Sun Microsystems Brazil, providing critical technology infrastructure



You don’t need technology for technology’s sake. You need technology that solves a problem, gives you a competitive edge, and ultimately helps your company thrive. Our teams are experts on the appropriate and effective application of technology to support your business objectives.


Your technology solution is only as good as the expertise and commitment of the people who design, implement, and maintain it. Our proficiency in resource recruitment and management on two continents ensures that you get the exact right resources for your needs.


We know how to listen. Before we do anything, we take the time to fully understand your unique needs. Once we know that, we provide flexible and responsive service—the kind that earns us long-term clients who come back again and again.


You know that to get anywhere in the tech industry, you need to keep your promises. True partnership goes beyond mere collaboration; it’s about having each others’ backs and caring about project outcomes beyond the formal scope of work. That’s how we do it. We’re all in.


A team of dedicated experienced professionals.

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Diego Morales


Marcelo Correa